Job Training

Job training is key to SASI’s home care philosophy. Well-trained aides understand the differences between normal aging and chronic conditions or diseases and encourage their client to do what they can to stay as independent as possible.

SASI wants job training to meet the needs of the clients and the aides. Both home care aides and SASI clients are encouraged to suggest new training topics.

Interview Topics and Ongoing Job Training

We require applicants to complete an extended interview session in SASI's office which covers the following topics:

  • Home services licensure and job description
  • Documentation, client confidentiality, and emergency procedures
  • Home and personal health and safety
  • Communication and communication loss
  • Infection control
  • Elder abuse, neglect, and reporting procedures
  • Personal care, transferring, and adaptive equipment
  • Agency expectations and procedures

We require sixteen hours of annual job training. SASI schedules job training to be flexible. The following topics are required of all home care aides:

  • Infection control
  • Elder abuse, neglect, and reporting procedures
  • Disaster procedures
  • Maintaining client dignity and independence

Home care aides can choose other training topics to complete the agency’s required sixteen hours of job training. These topics include:

  • Normal aging and common chronic conditions
  • Mental health and aging
  • The Art of Jewish Caregiving
  • Condition specific training topics (e.g., ALS, Parkinson’s disease/PSP, dementia, Diabetes)
  • Vision loss and aging
  • Best Friends™ Approach to Alzheimer's Disease
  • CPR certification
  • Other topics as available

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