Who are SASI's clients?

Services can be provided to seniors and adults of any age who are living with chronic illness, or who are recovering from surgery or illness, either at home or in a hospital or facility setting.

We respect our clients’ ability to make choices and decisions for themselves, and look for aides who share that philosophy.

Our clients:

  • may live alone or with a spouse, partner, family member, or friend
  • may be very active socially, or may be isolated from the community
  • may be very comfortable directing the care, or may need some help defining a routine

Often, this is the person’s first experience with home care. A good experience with a home care aide who respects his or her client’s individuality and independence is very important.

Generally, schedules are defined by the client to best meet their needs. Our clients’ needs range from an hour once a week to 24-hour awake care to live-in care, and everywhere in between.

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