Aging Questions

What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse is the abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation of any Illinois community resident over the age of 60. The Illinois Department on Aging can help you learn more.

Are SASI home care aides required to report abuse or neglect?

Yes. All home care aides, from SASI or another agency, are mandated reporters. This means that if the worker suspects abuse or neglect, the worker is required to report it to the state so that a social worker/abuse investigator can help determine if there is abuse or neglect. Licensed agencies are also mandated reporters, including SASI.

How do I report abuse or neglect?

The Illinois Department of Aging has a 24-hour Elder Abuse Hotline: 1-866-800-1409. Reporting abuse is confidential; the hotline worker may ask for your contact information so the investigator can contact you if there are additional questions, but the suspected abuser/victim of abuse would not be informed of the reporter.

Do I qualify for senior benefits or services?

It depends. For example, you can qualify for case management services through your local Area Agency on Aging at age 60, but probably do not qualify for Medicare coverage until age 65. Availability of specific resources can vary on the source of the benefit, your income, your age, your assets, and location. There are local resources that may be able to help, or contact your Area Agency on Aging for what may be available to you.

Are there other services available to me?

Probably! There are many Chicago area resources that may be of assistance.

We also recommend speaking to your doctor’s office and pharmacy about what medical resources may be available to you. Your doctor’s office may have recommendations on home health services, therapy options, or even dietary changes that can help you live with any chronic conditions you may have more comfortably. Your pharmacist can be helpful by reviewing your medications for any negative side effects or complications of taking certain medications together. We recommend you have all of your prescriptions from one pharmacy to ensure there are no medications you are prescribed that should not be taken together.

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