As a nonprofit, are your services free?

No, we are not able to completely subsidize care. Nonprofit does not mean without expenses, unfortunately. SASI is committed to offering high quality service at a reasonable rate, and our fees are among the lowest in the region.

Why is SASI a nonprofit?

Established in 1975, SASI is a community-supported agency dedicated to helping older adults maintain a desired level of independence in the communities where they live. The agency offers a variety of services at affordable rates to help them continue to do so.

What is your hourly rate vs. the state average rate?

Overall, home care prices vary widely by the type of agency, qualifications of the worker, and location of the agency, but generally home care costs are between $19 to $25 per hour to hire an agency and $10 to $15 per hour to hire someone independently to provide the care. Daily rates vary from $100 to $140 per day to hire someone independently to more than $250 per day to hire an agency to provide the service.

What community events does SASI offer?

SASI both sponsors and hosts a number of events each year for community residents. We also host an art gallery. Join us for one of our upcoming events!

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