Services for Adults Staying in Their Homes (SASI) Merges with Senior Connections

The Boards of Directors of Services for Adults Staying in Their Homes (SASI) and Senior Connections are very pleased to announce that the two organizations are joining forces. In May 2017 Senior Connections will become a free standing program of SASI.

For twenty-five years Senior Connections has been recruiting and training volunteers to be friendly visitors to seniors in Evanston. Such visits have provided comfort, engagement and relationships to many older adults who might otherwise be very isolated. These intergenerational visits enlarge the world of visited and visitors, frequently resulting in friendships that last several years, even decades.

For over forty years SASI has worked to support the efforts of older adults to remain in their homes. SASI is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health to provide non-medical home care services. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization SASI is committed to providing quality, professional home care services at an affordable price.

Both SASI and Senior Connections began as grass roots organizations supporting older adults in Evanston. Both have remained committed to helping our neighbors age in place with dignity. Neither organization requires membership or long term contracts. And most importantly, both organizations are community based and relationship based. We both know our clients, our caregivers and our volunteers personally. We both are committed to making the right match for everyone. Finally, we both share the values of respect and honor for older adults and the gifts they continue to give society. SASI and Senior Connections have collaborated on programs, worked together on civic committees, and the Executive Director of Senior Connections, Barbara Sittler, serves on SASI’s Board of Advisors.

Two years ago, looking ahead to Barbara Sittler, Senior Connections’ Executive Director and Wendy Klinkner, Senior Connections’ Volunteer Manager retiring someday, Senior Connections’ Board started succession planning. As part of that planning, a new home for Senior Connections was considered. This has been a very thoughtful process for everyone. The Boards of Directors, leadership and staff of both organizations are unanimous and enthusiastic in their support for this merger.

In May 2017 Senior Connections will become a free standing program of SASI. The Senior Connections program will remain free of charge to all participants. A full time Program Manager, who will train hands-on with Wendy and Barbara is being sought.

We believe that with the Senior Connections program SASI will become a stronger organization capable of serving more older adults in more ways than either one organization could do in the past. It is our hope that the program will grow to meet not only the growing needs of seniors in Evanston but will expand into our sister communities.

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