What are your needs?

Why are you looking into home care services today? Has your health or mobility—or that of a parent, spouse or friend—changed? Are day-to-day tasks more challenging? Or are you simply planning and researching for future needs?

Clearly identifying your needs is the first step to home care. Be realistic. Think about questions such as:

  • Do you have balance problems? Balance problems can affect many areas of your life—from cooking to bathing to mobility. Which areas are you finding most challenging?
  • Are you comfortable bathing independently, or would you prefer assistance? Does carrying laundry up from the basement make you tired or nervous?
  • Are you having memory problems?
  • Are you more comfortable if someone else drives you on errands and to appointments?

Finally, think about how often you want someone to be with you.

  • What days and times are ideal?
  • How flexible can you be?
    You don’t have to decide now—sometimes the right home care worker comes along and is only available at certain times (which makes scheduling very easy!).

SASI can help you make living at home easier.

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