Who pays for this?

Usually, home care is an out-of-pocket expense—which means you write the checks. Other options may be:

  • Long term care insurance. Talk to your insurance company to find out the details of your coverage. Some policies cover: medical care; placement in a nursing home; home services with supervision; and home services from an aide you hire directly.
  • If you qualify for Medicaid, you may be able to receive services at no- or low-cost through Community Care Program (CCP) agencies. SASI is not a CCP agency. Contact your Area Agency on Aging about your eligibility.

Medicare covers home health care, but not home services. Home health care, prescribed by a physician, includes a nurse visit, therapy visits, and occasional CNA visits to help with bathing. Usually, this is a short-term service.

Please call (847) 864-7274 for SASI's current rates.

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