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Senior Connections

One Hour a Week Can Change a Life. Yours.

Senior Connections recruits, trains and supports volunteer visitors who “friend”older adults.

Senior Connections recruits older adults who want to share their life experience with a new friend.

Becoming a Senior Connections Volunteer Visitor

Anyone can be a volunteer! Our visitors come from all walks of life and from around the globe. Volunteers are college students wanting to make a difference, families with young children who want to “adopt” a grandparent, working career professionals, empty nesters and retired folk.

It’s Easy to get Started

  1. Complete and return the application found here on our website.
  2. Meet with SASI’s Senior Connections program manager.
  3. Attend a two hour training session.
  4. Be matched with “your” senior.

Our Senior Connections program manager will a personally introduce you to your new senior friend, help you in planning future visits and provide ongoing support and guidance to help your relationship thrive.

We ask that you meet with your senior once a week for a year. Your input guides choices of the neighborhood, type of person and times you meet.

Getting a Senior Connections Visitor

Contact our Senior Connections program manager, Jonathan Tague at 847-869- 0682 to make an appointment. He will schedule a time to visit you, tell you about Senior Connections and get to know a bit about you.

Your match will be unique. The trained volunteer visitor selects you as the person they want to visit based on shared interests and personal histories.

You will be personally introduced to your visitor and then you will share weekly visits with your volunteer!

All Volunteers are screened and trained by SASI’s Senior Connections program staff.

There is never any charge to seniors for participation in our Senior Connections program.

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